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  • 500 average Twitch Viewers /month

  • 61,500 Twitch followers

  • 23,000 YouTube Subscribers

  • 20,000 average views /YouTube Video

  • 45,000 Twitter Followers

  • 31,500 Instagram Followers


Bouphe is a variety streamer of classic and retro games on, showcasing everything from Amiga platformers to PC shooters.

She also has a YouTube channel where she discusses film and television in the series Soft Focus.

Partnered with the Yogscast network, she is involved in group streams as well as their annual charity event The Jingle Jam which has raised over $25 million benefitting over 20 charities!


Bouphe has worked with companies such as Prime Video, Konami, Square Enix, Humble Bundle,, Displate, Wizards of the Coast, and NVidia GeForce, as well as a number of smaller indie devs.​

Please contact if you would like to work with Bouphe in a sponsorship, product placement or collaboration.

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